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Be on the lookout for these figures and more listed in our events calendar below! Both figures will be available exclusively through Target starting in early September. The King of Rock and Roll has arrived! NECA is proud to announce that Elvis Presley, the best-selling solo musician of all time, will be joining their line of 7″ scale action figures! The NECA studio artists have recreated Elvis’s live in concert appearance from the Spring of in painstaking detail. Wearing a white jumpsuit decorated with various sequins and jewelry, he is sculpted to precision in the iconic cape spread pose! How many more days till Halloween? From the dark fantasy film, Pan’s Labyrinth, the Faun comes with a new head sculpt and paint deco to portray his aged appearance in the film.

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Prometheus is an open-source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit. At its core, Prometheus uses time-series data, and provides a powerful query language to analyze that data. Most Prometheus deployments integrate Grafana dashboards and an alert manager.

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Water Street invested in and merged three premier businesses to create Safeguard Medical, a leading provider of products and services to the growing first responder market. Together, they create a powerful offering of innovative, high-quality products, kitting capabilities and training programs dedicated to supporting first responders with saving lives. As one company, Safeguard Medical is pursuing additional strategic acquisitions to build on its global platform.

First Name. Last Name. Please click on the link in the email to activate your subscription. If you do not receive an email from us within a few minutes, please check your spam folder. If our email did not come through to you, please click on this link, news waterstreet. Something went wrong. If you are seeing this error, please let us know , and we will get it fixed asap.

Safeguard Medical Water Street invested in and merged three premier businesses to create Safeguard Medical, a leading provider of products and services to the growing first responder market.

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Distributed Ledger Platforms may be Getting All the Hype but the architecture of Bitcoin is more sophisticated than many people realise. I presented an update on the world of cryptocurrencies to an engaged and well-informed audience in the library of the Royal College of Physicians. Systems like Ripple, Hyperledger and Eris are broadly in this world, I think. The security model of these systems is based on knowing who the actors are: if somebody misbehaves, we can punish them because we know who they are!

Bitcoin and Ethereum are broadly in this space, I think. But this makes intuitive sense.

Grafana is not enough: DIY user interfaces for Prometheus David Kaltschmidt @​davkals What context (go=go, [email protected], date=​)” source=”” What does Bob need to do?

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Alien: Covenant Story Details, Release Date, Trailer, Viral Marketing, Cast, & More

This manual describes how to install, use and extend NixOS, a Linux distribution based on the purely functional package management system Nix , that is composed using modules and packages defined in the Nixpkgs project. Additional information regarding the Nix package manager and the Nixpkgs project can be found in respectively the Nix manual and the Nixpkgs manual.

If you encounter problems, please report them on the Discourse or on the nixos channel on Freenode. There are a number of installation options. If you happen to have an optical drive and a spare CD, burning the image to CD and booting from that is probably the easiest option.

Relationship Date of transaction Character Andt / ord Option Form N / D 07 / 01 COREY BOB L DIRECT. 00 FORTRESS GROUP INC COM PIRRELLO JAMIE M DIRECT 09 / 10 / 98 PROMETHEUS HOMEBUILDERS LLC ET DIRECT.

This is a hands-on workshop that teaches how to use Linkerd in production, covering both Kubernetes and non-Kubernetes environments. This workshop is presented by Buoyant, the primary sponsors of the Linkerd project, and includes training by Linkerd maintainers. How to register: Pre-registration is required. For questions regarding this event, please reach out to events buoyant. Anthos is the new paradigm for infrastructure modernization from Google.

Anthos empowers you to create a reliable, portable, and consistent infrastructure; across clouds and on-premises. Built on open-source technologies pioneered by Google, including Kubernetes and Istio, Anthos allows you to build once to run anywhere. In this workshop, you will gain hands-on experience with the Anthos technologies, including the Hub for managing multiple clusters from different locations.

You will set up an application across multiple environments and connect them using a multi-cluster service mesh. For questions regarding this event, please reach out to meetusatkubecon google.

Who Will Replace Disney CEO Bob Iger—And How Will It Be Pulled Off?

Rescue an Amazon Princess? Piece of Cake. Match muscles with the Mother of all Monsters? Easy Breezy. Cram for an exam?

Package prometheus is the core instrumentation package. It provides metrics primitives to instrument code for monitoring. It also offers a registry for metrics. Sub-.

LODS, the Hawaii Longline Observer Data System, is a complete suite of tools designed to collect, process, and manage quality fisheries data and information. LODS is an end-to-end data management solution, articulating the four major data management areas of data collection management, data resource development, data maintenance and data dissemination. Every effort was made to eliminate redundant or unnecessary data items and to have the core data collection items be formally adopted by data stewards that would assume the responsibility of maintaining complete documentation and regular review of the quality, objectivity and suitability of the data item.

Access is restricted to authorized individuals who have submitted a signed non-disclosure agreement. This non-disclosure agreement must be renewed on an annual basis. If needed also submit a signed non-disclosure agreement blank copy can be provided upon request. Upon approval of the data request by the Observer Program Manager or the Operations Coordinator the Fishery Information Specialist will coordinate with the data requester on fulfilling the data request.

Data are checked visually prior to data entry by observer and by a debriefer first check. Data validations are run after data entry and all data are read back to catch and minimize data errors. Second data check is visually conducted on all data with a full read back of all data and data validations are run by second debriefer.

When is Alien: Covenant set and how does it link to Prometheus? The Alien story so far

As with most Greek tragedies, there is a moral dilemma that can give audiences insight into their lives, and director Michael Callahan staged a meaningful production that remains relevant 2, years after it was was written. In doing so, the enraged Zeus ordered Prometheus tied to a mountaintop boulder as punishment. With Prometheus chained to his rock, others visit him to discuss his situation and offer advice.

The sound of drums, courtesy of Matthew Callahan, sets the tone for the evening as we met our players. Starting with the Choragos Kathy Calder , who leads the chorus, the cast crossed the stage, introducing themselves to us as they collected their labeled masks if they had one.

The Prometheus vent, a cinder cone located near the summit and about m N of Hades, erupted explosively with nearly continuous lava fountains that.

It provides metrics primitives to instrument code for monitoring. It also offers a registry for metrics. Sub-packages allow to expose the registered metrics via HTTP package promhttp or push them to a Pushgateway package push. There is also a sub-package promauto, which provides metrics constructors with automatic registration. This is a complete program that exports two metrics, a Gauge and a Counter, the latter with a label attached to turn it into a one-dimensional vector. The number of exported identifiers in this package might appear a bit overwhelming.

However, in addition to the basic plumbing shown in the example above, you only need to understand the different metric types and their vector versions for basic usage. Furthermore, if you are not concerned with fine-grained control of when and how to register metrics with the registry, have a look at the promauto package, which will effectively allow you to ignore registration altogether in simple cases. Above, you have already touched the Counter and the Gauge. There are two more advanced metric types: the Summary and Histogram.

In addition to the fundamental metric types Gauge, Counter, Summary, and Histogram, a very important part of the Prometheus data model is the partitioning of samples along dimensions called labels, which results in metric vectors. While only the fundamental metric types implement the Metric interface, both the metrics and their vector versions implement the Collector interface. To create instances of Metrics and their vector versions, you need a suitable …Opts struct, i. While you could create your own implementations of Metric, most likely you will only ever implement the Collector interface on your own.

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This is a brief chronological history of many of the WSU Pullman campus buildings. The majority of the buildings included here are of interest due to age, usage, or historical interest; the university has owned a number of barns, sheds, and other buildings generally held to be of lesser interest, and most of those are not included herein. The parenthetical number after each building is an official WSU Building identifier; these link to a composite of Archival holdings on those buildings note that that function is primarily intended for internal Archives use, and a number of those records are sealed.

Until , it served as the Administration Building as well as housing a number of other university functions. It is prominently sited and immediately identifiable by its two large towers, one truncated and one with a conical roof.

That includes event date-time, arrival or departure flag, uncorrelated position and identification whenever possible. “Nice guy, that Bob,” commented Varton.

Over the years, this collection has grown continually thanks to the generosity of the Member States who wished to enhance and embellish the Organizations’ Headquarters whilst respecting the capacities and constraints of its architectural framework. This painting represents a 19th century interior in which a man and a woman are depicted. In what may be a kitchen setting, the figures stand out against a dark background. The scene illustrates the moment when the young woman working on her embroidery is surprised by a man, who attracts her attention from behind.

The woman, her hand still placed on her embroidery work, turns her head towards him. The scene subtly evokes an attraction between the two, shown by the slight blush in their cheeks. They are dressed in contemporary Flemish style; only the velvet and goldthread embroidered chair refers to a more bourgeois taste. Although this work has suffered damage to its paint layer, the treatment of shape and contrast remains quite remarkable.

The artist, unknown, certainly hoped to illustrate his knowledge of the Flemish masters and his skill in the techniques of his time. Although the date and author are unknown, this 19th century work evokes the influence of the 17th century realist painters, such as the Le Nain brothers, thanks to its style and composition. Artists showed a new interest for the lower classes during this period and depicted the lifestyle, activities and clothing of this social class in their works. They turned away from History painting in order to represent intimate scenes from everyday life.

Hence, by depicting the intimacy of the lives of those that they paint, these artists expressed a renewed interest for Dutch painting of the Golden Age.

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In the “Action League Now! Fresh from the DC FanDome event! Check out the latest trailer for Wonder Woman Watch the trailer.

Bob & Joanie Hall* David & Bonnie Hough* Prometheus Charitable Trust: Patrick Falcon & Blaine Adams GO ALL IN, TOO? Raised to Date: $20,,​.

All over the country there are radio stations pumping out high-powered content with the power of a light bulb. Low power FM stations LPFMs are a forum for nonprofits, schools, churches, community centers, farmworker organizations, unions, environmentalists, and just about anyone else who wants to amplify their message. The service is entirely commercial-free, and licenses were only granted to nonprofit organizations. Low power FM stations can operate at a maximum power of watts , which generally provides coverage within three to five miles.

It is unlikely that the FCC will be making another opportunity to apply for low power FM licenses any time soon. We are not accepting inquiries about applying for LPFM stations.

Longline Observer Data System

This rapid-response expedition was undertaken after strong indications of submarine eruptive activity had been detected during a November NOAA Vents Program expedition. Explosive activity occurred from one end of a 5-m-long fissure at Hades vent, at a depth of 1, m, while pillow lavas erupted from the other end of the fissure. Glowing bubbles up to a meter in diameter also issued from the fissure. The Prometheus vent, a cinder cone located near the summit and about m N of Hades, erupted explosively with nearly continuous lava fountains that ejected tephra into the water.

Both vents were often obscured by sulfur gas emissions, but incandescence was visible for minutes at a time.

Prometheus And Bob Dating. Do you have any. My first ever college how to use FaceTime mind before jumping head. My first ever college from People We Met.

Continue Reading. The auction will be for new flexible-use overlay licenses, intended primarily to further the deployment of fifth-generation 5G wireless, the Internet of Things IoT , and other advanced spectrum-based services. The bidding for these spanking-new licenses is scheduled to commence on December 8, Short-form applications must be filed in a window between September 9 and September 22, , and upfront payments will be due by November 2, While these technologies are still evolving, they have advanced enough to allow the FCC to mandate implementation.

More recently the FCC has trained its sights on the thornier issue of how to locate an emergency caller in a multi-story building, where knowing only the street address is not enough to find a caller quickly a topic we covered last year. The GPS and triangulation methods that worked fine for the x-y axes fall short when multiple stories of buildings are involved. Broadcast Deadlines:. Radio Post-Filing Announcements — Radio stations licensed in Illinois and Wisconsin must begin broadcasts of their post-filing announcements concerning their license renewal applications on August 1.

If the renewal application is not filed until the August 3 deadline, wait until then to begin the post-filing announcements. Either way, these announcements must continue on August 16, September 1, September 16, October 1, and October

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