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Alexandria has played a pivotal role in Mediterranean trade ever since the city was founded in c. The second largest Egyptian city, after Cairo, and one of the largest ports on the Mediterranean coast, Alexandria was a major centre of civilization in the ancient world, controlling commerce between Egypt and the eastern Mediterranean, and has continued throughout its long history to act as a vital crossing point for merchants and their trade on the maritime routes between Asia and Europe. Fed by the waters of the Lake Maryut and the Nile, the port of Alexandria also benefitted from the safe anchorage conditions found off the island of Pharos, making it an attractive and practical point of transit for merchants travelling between the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. As such, the city rapidly expanded to become one of the most important cities in the ancient world. The riches that came with the passage of merchants and the diversity of ideas and cultures they brought with them was an important factor in the development of Alexandria as a major centre of Hellenistic culture and learning. This great lighthouse on the island of Pharos was one of the Seven Wonders of the world, and was reputed to have been over metres or feet high. Erected in BC, the lighthouse was slowly demolished over the course of the 14 th and 15 th centuries, but stood for more than a thousand years on the edge of the sea, guiding the boats of merchants and travellers to the port of Alexandria. The Romans, who conquered Alexandria in 30 BC, were largely dependent on the importation of grain from Egyptian granaries, affording Alexandria a position of great strategic importance, wielding control over the health and prosperity of the Empire. Egyptian cotton was another valuable export. Alexandria remained a port of vital importance throughout the Middle Ages.


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Alexandria, major city and urban governorate in Egypt. and the city still boasts fine Neoclassical and Art Nouveau architecture dating from this period.

Cleopatra , queen of Egypt and lover of Julius Caesar and Mark Antony , takes her life following the defeat of her forces against Octavian, the future first emperor of Rome. Cleopatra, born in 69 B. Cleopatra and Ptolemy were members of the Macedonian dynasty that governed Egypt since the death of Alexander the Great in B. Although Cleopatra had no Egyptian blood, she alone in her ruling house learned Egyptian. To further her influence over the Egyptian people, she was also proclaimed the daughter of Re, the Egyptian sun god.

Cleopatra soon fell into dispute with her brother, and civil war erupted in 48 B. Rome, the greatest power in the Western world, was also beset by civil war at the time. Just as Cleopatra was preparing to attack her brother with a large Arab army, the Roman civil war spilled into Egypt. Caesar arrived in Alexandria soon after and, finding his enemy dead, decided to restore order in Egypt. During the preceding century, Rome had exercised increasing control over the rich Egyptian kingdom, and Cleopatra sought to advance her political aims by winning the favor of Caesar.

She traveled to the royal palace in Alexandria and was allegedly carried to Caesar rolled in a rug, which was offered as a gift. Cleopatra, beautiful and alluring, captivated the powerful Roman leader, and he agreed to intercede in the Egyptian civil war on her behalf. In 47 B.

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Alexandria first, Egyptians were probably the plurality of residents, while the Egypt community remained small. Slavery , a normal institution in Greece, slower she present but good about its extent and about the identity of slaves are unknown. The law in Alexandria was based on Greek—especially Attic —law.

Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt and a major economic center. With a population Recent radiocarbon dating of seashell fragments and lead contamination show human activity at the location during the period of the Old.

With room for approximately worshipers, it is the larger of the two synagogues remaining in the city. Alexandria was once home to an estimated 30,, Jews. Sitting in the back wooden rows, Yolande Mizrahi, a septuagenarian Jew born and raised in Alexandria, was delighted with the conservation. Guests visit the newly renovated Eliyahu Hanavi synagogue in the northwestern Egyptian city of Alexandria on January 10, , on the day of its inauguration.

In , Sissi singled out preservation of places of worship for Egyptian Jews and Coptic Christians as a priority for his government. Egypt is now home to only a handful of Jewish citizens. Magda Haroun, one of the leaders of the Egyptian Jewish community in the capital Cairo, visits the newly renovated Eliyahu Hanavi synagogue in the northwestern Egyptian city of Alexandria on January 10, , on the day of its inauguration.

Egypt unveils historic Alexandria synagogue after three-year renovation

Ancient Egyptian technology describes devices and technologies invented or used in Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians invented and used many simple machines , such as the ramp and the lever , to aid construction processes. They used rope trusses to stiffen the beam of ships. Egyptian paper , made from papyrus , and pottery were mass-produced and exported throughout the Mediterranean basin. The wheel was used for a number of purposes, but chariots only came into use after the Second Intermediate period.

In 48 BC, Egypt became embroiled in the conflict in Rome between Julius Caesar and Pompey. Pompey fled to the Egyptian capital Alexandria, where he was.

View Alerts and Messages Archive. For emergencies during and after business hours, including on weekends and holidays, U. Express mail services also use the physical address. Travel to the Libyan and Sudanese borders is also not recommended. Between December and May , terrorist incidents in tourist areas in greater Cairo killed four tourists and wounded at least 18 others.

There is a possibility of terrorist attacks in urban areas, including in Cairo, despite the heavy security presence. In August , a car bomb explosion outside of a hospital in Cairo killed at least Additionally, terrorists have targeted religious sites, to include mosques, churches, monasteries, and buses traveling to these locations. The Egyptian government has attempted to address security concerns and has visibly augmented its security presence at tourist locations, but challenges persist, and the threat of terrorism remains.

Police and military are also engaged in operations to combat terrorism and disrupt terrorist cells in the Sinai Peninsula and the Nile Valley.

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ALEXANDRIA, Egypt (AP) — Egypt’s coastal city of Alexandria, which has survived invasions, fires and earthquakes since it was founded by.

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Egyptian authorities have unintentionally discovered several historical monuments dating back to the Greco-Roman and Ptolemaic era in roughly 20 archaeological sites in the east and middle of Alexandria, which will be officially announced later this month. The director general of Alexandria Archaeological Area, Khaled Abul-Hamd, said that these discoveries were found through dispatching Egyptian and foreign missions to examine areas that citizens want to construct buildings to ensure there are no artifacts, in preparation for obtaining a building permit from concerned authorities.

In statements to Al-Masry Al-Youm, Abul-Hamd said that these missions found evidence which led them to these monuments. He added that discoveries made through excavations are usually the beginning of successive findings. In a related context, Abul-Hamd said that the season of archaeological excavations for will begin mid-September.

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In the Consulate in Alexandria was upgraded to a Consulate General; five years later the Cairo Consulate General was opened and, in , a Greek Embassy was established. Egypt equally maintains an Embassy in Athens. Relations between the two countries go far back in time as a result of their co-existence within the same geo-strategic region and their common historical experience.

The centuries-old presence of the Patriarchate of Alexandria, the Greek communities in Egypt, the significant business activities of an important number of Greek enterprises in Egypt, and the complementarity of the two countries for the stability and development of the wider region in their common neighbourhood render the two countries natural strategic partners. Bilateral relations are rapidly developing in all sectors political, economic, defense, cultural , with frequent exchanges of high level visits.

It is mainly worth mentioning the State Visit of H. Both countries aim at developing their institutional cooperation even further in areas of mutual interest and for the benefit of their peoples. The two countries have converging positions on a number of regional issues. This partnership is based on the political will of the three sides to promote their cooperation through a productive and constructive dialogue with specific and tangible content aiming atmaterializingspecific projects and programs in sectors of mutual interest.

Besides, the three Mediterranean countries are in very close proximity to regions of crises which inevitably affect them in a number of ways. Therefore, their cooperation creates a triangle of stability which offers its added value not only to the three countries involved, but also to the EU and the Euro-Mediterranean cooperation, in general.

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Alexandria’s fortified harbor. Alexander the Great founded Alexandria in B. This port city occupies an advantageous location on the Mediterranean Sea and Lake Mareotis. Its most famous landmark, the Lighthouse of Pharos, was one of the original Seven Wonders of the World. The famous sites in Alexandria today range from ancient monuments to modern edifices. It collapsed after an earthquake in the 14th century.

Luxury hotel Dating back to the early 20th century, this historic hotel is right on Alexandria’s waterfront where breakfast can be enjoyed on the rooftop.

Filed under media , politics The ex libris of King Farouk — , representing the printing press in Egypt. An example of pre-telegraphic textuality. Railway map of Egypt showing the development of the railway system between and From Egyptian State Railways Magazine , Figure 1 The ex libris of King Farouk — , representing the printing press in Egypt. Otherwise, since I am a better observer of the heavens than thou art, how do I not see the pure crescent?

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All earlier grave markers have disappeared or have become illegible and impossible to date precisely. In early America, small family cemeteries were not uncommon. The diary of a Mrs. Land on which Christ Church stands was sold to the parish in , although vestry records indicate burials as early as Local churches looking for places for new cemeteries settled on a area southwest of the corner of Wilkes and Payne Streets, then called Spring Garden Farm.

Over the years, many of the small family cemeteries disappeared. In some cases, there is historic evidence that burials were removed and reinterred in a formal cemetery. In some instances, it is possible that only the headstones were removed. This practice is not unique to Alexandria, or even to urban America.

Archaeologists make stunning underwater discovery near the port of Alexandria in Egypt

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